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Two Eyes of the Beautiful II, in 8 risograph colors including a special shiny GOLD cover. Around 50 pages in “prestige formtat size.” Get it at SPX or BUY ONLINE. Printed in Osaka Japan and Grand Rapids, USA.

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My Dad , Jack, and me in 1952 the year before he died. 28 years later I began a comic strip called “Jack Survives” In 2013 I bought the childhood home that we lived in and I did my art in the cellar and Dad sometimes watched me paint. He was very supportive and proud of my ability considering the fact that he was a working class man with a 10th grade education. I was 15 when he died. I think Dad would have approved of my life as an artist in NYC for 55 years and that I now own and live in the house he last lived in. My Mom sold our house in 1958 and different families lived here over the years until I was able to buy it in 2013. My best paintings have been about this house and my family when we lived here all done from memory. The first time I saw it again since 1958 was 2013. Guess I will now start memory paintings about the artist loft I lived and worked in on w.28th St NYC for the past 50 years.  If you are interested in my work go to my youtube channel at  amereillustrator74

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Sammy Harkham’s comic from The New Yorker. Four pages, every line perfect. source

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Modern Sketch #5. Shanghai, 1934-37.


Modern Sketch #5. Shanghai, 1934-37.

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